The long reach of Social Media in Advertising

In these modern times, Organizations need new ways to reach consumers. While Newspapers and T.V. have long been traditional ways to advertise a product, both of these methods have their flaws. Papers can be passed over, and commercials can be missed.

However, with Social Media, you can reach a wide variety of people who might not normally be interested in your company. For instance, the Website Econsultancy reports that Fast food Brand Mcdonalds has pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + (that’s plus, not a lower case t) that they use for advertising their products, reaching out to customers, and overall getting themselves out there. The Facebook page has “more than 27m fans, and hundreds of thousands of likes, although it’s mostly advertisements and pictures and there are no responses to user comments. The Twitter page is where they respond to people, and has 995,000 followers, although a previous incident sees them mostly responding to positive posts only.

They are not quite as active on Pinterest or Google + (in fact, the latter has almost nothing being done with it) but they are still there none the less. The advantage of Social Media is not only being able to talk more directly to customers, but also being able to reach those who under normal circumstances, would not show much interest in their product. People who are friends with Facebook users are linked to the Mcdonalds Facebook page would see the advertisements, and possibly consider giving the food a try, as would people who follows those who follow the Mcdonalds Twitter page. With this, a company like Mcdonalds can advertise more directly to both current and potential customer, especially those who would miss Newspaper ads, or never see the commercials.

As always, Social Media can connect companies and their customers in ways that were previously impossible.


Econsultancy: How McDonald’s uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. March 13, 2013, 10:39.


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