The Long Arm of the Law is Longer with Social Media

The ability of Social Media to reach a wide number of people has been used in multiple venues: People use it to sell old junk, Companies use it to find new employees, and now most recently, Law enforcement is making use of it to catch criminals.

The Sept 19 edition of the Edmonton Sun reveals that Mounties in New Brunswick have taken advantage of the wide Social Media connections of the people to help catch a Criminal Pedophile who they have been searching for since 2005. Pictures of the video he made have been posted online, and Mounties are entreating residents to use their Social Media connections to close the net around him.

When you take the time to think about it, this is just a new variation on Posting Wanted posters of offending individuals, or a more involved way for people to help put away dangerous criminals beyond simply phoning a number they see on T.V. With the existence of Social Media, and the web of information will greatly increase the reach of Manhunts for Criminals. With such sites as Twitter and Facebook at their disposal, people will be able to quickly provide Law Enforcement with the information they need, and there is a greatly increased possibility of finding men like the aforemention Pedophile no mater where he hides. This is a huge benefit to civilians and Law enforcement alike, and merely one example of the benefits of Social Media.


Edmonton Sun,  September 19th edition. QMI Agency


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