Social Media helps Athletes score with the fans

Why do Football Teams like the Edmonton Eskimos, Basketball teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, or Baseball Teams like the New York Yankees do what they do? Well after you’re are done pointing out the money, we can point out that they want to entertain fans. What would these people be without the fans that cheer for them?  Athletes and the teams they play for need the support of their fans, so they have to take time to meet with these people and show said fans that their cheers and attendance are appreciated. However it can be difficult at times for these teams and their players to reach out to the fans who support them, and here is where Social Media once again comes to the rescue. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and the like provide a good way for individual players or entire teams to respond and connect to the fans on the same level when meeting in person simply isn’t viable.

Social Media can humanize teams, providing “human -to- human contact [that] is a game changer for professional sports organizations.” “Athletes have taken to Social Media like wildfire…” and many “are prone to responding to questions, retweeting fans, and generally interacting with people that idolize them.”

Once again, we see how Social Media can bridge wide gaps between specific groups of people who would not normally be able to reach each other.

Sources:  3 ways Social Media Increases Fan Loyalty, Part 2: Humanizes Teams and Athletes.


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