Politics and Social Media

As we are all aware by now, Social Media is an effective way to connect people; Friends and family can gain a new way to communicate and keep in touch with each other over long distances, and Companies can speak directly to their customers, who in turn are able to talk more directly to them, leading to greater consumer satisfaction through user input.

And now, Politicians are taking advantage of Social Media. Here in Edmonton, Candidates in the upcoming Civil Election are taking advantage of Twitter to promote themselves. “Twitter users can get their account avatar –the photo associated with their tweets– overlaid with a banner showing which candidate they’re voting for.”

These are known as ‘Twibbons’, and “are the equivalent of virtual lawn signs.” There also Google Hangouts, hosted by Dave Cournoyer, Ryan Hastman, and Mack Male, where issues related to the election can be discussed through the Twitter Hash tag #yegvote.

According to Cournoyer, “this is another opportunity for candidates to engage with people and to engage with people who are actively discussing the issues discussing the candidates online”.

So here we see another way that Social Media can connect people. Through the #yegvote, people can converse with the candidates, and in turn, said Candidates can promote themselves. Politics can benefit from Social Media just as much as Friends, family, or Business.


Edmonton Sun, October 1, 2013 Edition, Linda Hoang


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