Facebook gives face to Non Profit groups

The greatest strength of Social Media is it’s ability to reach large numbers of people in the name of whatever goal a person may have. In previous posts, I’ve already mentioned the effect it has had on Law enforcement, Advertising, and politics, but there is another area where Social media can do large amounts of good, and this is perhaps one of the areas where it is needed the most.

Non profit organizations can gain huge benefits from Social media, as sites like Twitter and Facebook are an effective way to reach potential backers who might not otherwise be aware of such organizations. By adding Social Media to their advertising methods, and using it alongside Newspapers and Television (such as putting links to Facebook and/or Twitter sites in their other ads) the number of people who can be reached and asked to donate can be increased dramatically. If there is one thing that I have become aware of since starting these posts, it is that Social Media is fast. Without enough word of mouth, and the right placement, Social Media can cover a very wide area and speak to a wide number of people in a short period of time.

For example, “A real life experiment by Facebook to encourage organ donation, adding one’s donor status to one’s timeline, sparked an immediate 2,000% increase in the number of people signing up as donors.”

Also, “an online presence … also gives the community the ability to share their feedback and opinions in a public forum.” In this particular case, the two way nature of Social Media strikes again. Imagine using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever site you use to help donate to a charity. Now imagine that one of the people you helped with this donation sends a personal thank you to your page. Suddenly, an act of kindness becomes a lot more personal, and in a very positive way. And that is just one example of how Social media can be useful for Non profit organizations.


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